Need some career direction?

Take one or more of the following self-assessment tests to give you a better idea of your skills, abilities, personality, values, and interests as they relate to possible career choices. Assessments provide a framework for planning action steps. A career coach can help you interpret your assessment results and create a career plan in the direction of your goals. 

MyPlan Career Assessments

Go online for free tests that cover personality, values, skills, and interests.

California CareerZone

Find a variety of free assessments on work-life balance.

Career Ladders

Career ladders and lattices are devices that help people visualize and learn about the job options that are available as they progress through a career.

Strengths Finder 2.0

Purchase book that includes key code to take the test (pricing may vary, do not buy book used).

Campbell Interest and Skill Survey

Go online for the test, $18 for online assessment.